Scott Stapp is very disappointed in President Obama, which will likely have a huge effect on this election. Stapp's political presence has always been a resounding force in this country, especially in Florida where people choose their candidate based on richness, race, and pop-star support. Read the story!...
we present "Four Wolf Night": by Chris Cantey
for real. GIZMODO has the story. A PACK OF WOLVES. Creed: with you always.
...And a happy NYEEEAAAHHH
...BUTT HEAVEN. check out the track listing for his upcoming album, hyperbolically entitled "GUITAR HEAVEN: THE GREATEST GUITAR CLASSICS OF ALL TIME." (also check out how many times the website tries to trick you into pre-ordering it.) "Whole Lotta Love" featuring Chris Cornell (Led Zeppelin) "Sunshine...
apparently Stapp celebrated America by welcoming another li'l butt-er into the world on July 4th, 2010. congrats Mr. and Mrs. Stapp! i hope this means another fatherhood buttballad is on the way.
oh...that Lincoln Park. i knew it was too butt to be true.
Scott wants them Marlins to win, just as he damn well should. lyrical excerpts: "Let's play ball it's game daeeeyeaah we want strikeoutshitspitsblaaadoonwaaaayes" "1 strike, 2 strikes, swingawayyyyyyeeah, a diving pitch, a stolen beeeyeeeahaaase" he even worked the word "grace" into it!
this just in: Scott Stapp's personal website uses the exact same font as allbuttrock! we had not seen this website before designing allbuttrock, and as such are convinced it is a sign from Lord on High that we are in tune with our sacred leader's gritty soul. not only that, but it is the most impressive...
this just in: Scott Stapp is in Haiti helping unload supplies and getting provisions to the right places. here's the official press release! hell yeah, man. hell. yeah. git them, boy.
what can be said about Pearl Jam's influence on buttrock that you aren't already thinking? probably not much. Eddie Vedder clearly serves as an idol for Stapp and Co. he's the undisputed king of slurred vocals, and without him there would be no grunge, much less post-grunge. since Eddie falls firmly...
don't be surprised if you start to see a lot of sci-fi nerds sporting sick tribals in the coming years! the blockbuster film Avatar may seem like a geekfest, but upon closer inspection the main character is a ripped ex-marine with some seriously sick tattage! you tricked us this time, nerds! now go get inked!
according to Billboard, Nickelback is the group of the decade! this how they remind us that the 2000's were 10 years of solid butt, and they were solid heroes.
dude breaks some stuff DOWN in this in-depth interview about the past, present, and future of Creed and Stapp. sample excerpt: You're wearing leather pants right now, aren't you? No, I'm not, bro. But I have some on tour with me. To be honest with you, they're from 2002. I can't believe I can still...
check out these sick moves!

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